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here is a little bio about me:

i am a 21 year old college student who has recently taken up writing.  zombie and vampire novels are my thing, and online novels rock.  check out all the ones i read on my links.

i live in the united states and have lived in egypt (which comes through in some of my stories).  i like dogs and the martial art, aikido.  one of my all time favorite authors is ray bradbury, and i really like the repairman jack novels by f. paul wilson.

some other odd random facts: i like writing without capitalizing anything (the above is evidence) and i can sorta speak arabic.



One Response to “the writer”

  1. Patricia Rivera said

    You left a comment on love is in the blood webcomic and I just wanted to know if you got the picture that you used as your avatar in the alhambra?

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